Monday, February 01, 2010

WinInfo: Apple Entry into Market Means Higher eBook Prices

See the full post for details on how you can help increase book publisher and Apple profits by paying more for e-books (and publisher profits even if you have a Kindle rather than an iPad). 

Apple's entry into the eBook market with the iPad tablet device and its integrated iBooks eBook reader software has ruined this opportunity. Utilizing the tiered pricing model it provides for other content on the iTunes Store, Apple has presented the world's biggest publishers with a higher price range for eBooks than Amazon has. And hoping that Apple would be able to defeat Amazon in this market, virtually all these publishers have jumped on board.

The result is much higher prices to consumers. And these higher prices come across the board.

(See the full post – the higher prices include devices, wireless services, and books, from all of which you can be sure Apple will be profiting.)

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