Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Server Ship Dates Start Slip-Sliding Away

Server Ship Dates Start Slip-Sliding Away ""Yukon," the next version of SQL Server, will ship in the second half of Q4 2004, rather than the first half, as initially expected. Flessner said nothing in particular was behind the slip, but said Microsoft is intent on making sure that integration of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) into the database is solid.
Ditto on "Whidbey," the Visual Studio.Net tools release that is tightly tied to Yukon. Rather than first half of 2004, expect Whidbey in the second half of next year.
"Kodiak," the version of Microsoft Exchange Server that will follow Exchange Server 2003, is now a 2006+ product, rather than a 2005 one.
"Jupiter," Microsoft's e-business server suite, is still due out in two phases. The first phase, BizTalk Server 2004, will likely next year, rather than this year. The second phase – an integrated bundle of BizTalk Server, Commerce Server and Content Server – is now due out in 2005, rather than 2004."
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