Thursday, June 05, 2003

Ed Brill: Next Exchange in 2006???

Ed Brill: Next Exchange in 2006??? "So let me get this right:
In late 2000, an internal MS memo (leaked to eWeek), indicated that "Yukon" would be key to a future MSe-mail server.
In late 2001, MS finally admitted that "Kodiak" was under development, based on "Yukon", and said it would ship in 2003
In 2002, MS says, oh, we wanted to ship "Titanium" based on the current clumsy "JET" database first!
In 2003, just days after IBM Lotus ships a mail server built on DB2, MS says, oh, we need longer for Yukon, and "Kodiak" is now in 2006!
We took Lotus Workplace Messaging from concept to shipping product in less than 12 months. MS is now tracking five to six years to do the same. I'm speechless."

File under "wishful thinking"...
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