Friday, June 20, 2003

Handspring's Gorgeous New Phone

Handspring's Gorgeous New Phone "
Feature-wise, this phone is loaded. It has a camera that snaps 640 x 480-pixel photos; a five-way navigation knob; and a slot for an SD expansion card. Unlike most cellphones (and earlier Treos), it has separate speakers for your ear and for the speakerphone. That second speaker can play MP3 music files, too, so your phone can be your radio as you paint or lie on the beach.
Handspring has also addressed two complaints about the original Treo. First—hallelujah -- there’s now a separate Applications button that summons your list of Palm programs. Second, the new Treo’s battery is as strong as the earlier battery was weak. Handspring estimates that in the final design, you’ll get about six hours of talk time per charge.
This phone can send SMS (short messaging service) text messages to other phones—no surprise there. But think about it: Most SMS messages trigger responses, and responses to responses. So Handspring’s SMS screen looks exactly like an instant-messaging chat window, with previous exchanges scrolling up like a screenplay. It’s an ingenious, clutter-saving stroke."
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