Thursday, June 26, 2003 - a stack of useful stuff: Lotus Workplace Strategy - a stack of useful stuff: Lotus Workplace Strategy: "The above is all public, via the Webcast mentioned above, but yesterday I went to a Briefing at our local IBM Office, where more details were forthcoming. Obviously, I'm going to respect what was told to us in confidence (Craig says I'm OK), but the story was all good. I think there has been some serious thinking going on over at Lotus and the results are impressive. They have not just been sitting around, painting things purple, and telling everyone to brush up on JSP. I was very impressed - this is a great story.
At the moment, my view is that the effort to produce a sophisticated web-based collaboration applications with Notes/Domino is much greater than to create the same thing targeted at the Notes Client. With the new Lotus Workplace strategy in place, creating web collaboration apps will much, much easier.
Notes is not dead, but there is a new dawn on the horizon."

Via Ed Brill

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