Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Microsoft aims higher with Web software | CNET News.com

Microsoft aims higher with Web software | CNET News.com "Rob Helm, an analyst for research firm Directions on Microsoft, said Microsoft's goal with the new FrontPage isn't necessarily to compete with professional Web-authoring packages such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver or Adobe Systems' GoLive. Instead, FrontPage is being crafted to support other Microsoft software and services, most notably SharePoint, Microsoft's collection of server and desktop collaboration software that let workers share documents and data.
"Microsoft is hoping Windows SharePoint Services will kick off an orgy of Web development inside the organization, and this is one of the ways you take advantage of that," Helm said. "FrontPage is being positioned as what you use if the generic SharePoint tools aren't enough."
"They might like to take a little business away from Macromedia or Adobe," he added. "But it's really important to have FrontPage just to support what Microsoft wants to do with the server. Microsoft needs a tool that's friendly with its way of using server resources.""
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