Sunday, June 08, 2003

Oracle Takes $5 Billion Jab at PeopleSoft

Oracle Takes $5 Billion Jab at PeopleSoft "Markus Berner, a spokesman for SAP, said, "It is not SAP's policy to comment on the business strategies of our competitors, but in general hostile takeovers have a tendency to disrupt customer relationships."
Fred A. Hood, chief information officer at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a J. D. Edwards customer that is evaluating products from SAP and Oracle, said the takeover bid could worry PeopleSoft's customers.
"If I were a PeopleSoft customer, I'd be a tad nervous," he said. "I'd want to have a say, and I think shareholders are going to want to know what customers think." Mr. Hood said he understood the benefits of the merger of PeopleSoft and J. D. Edwards because it would expand the product line. With the Oracle acquisition of PeopleSoft, however, he said, the result for customers would be less rather than more."
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