Thursday, June 19, 2003

Messenger 6 rocks

Messenger 6 rocks "Scoble is right: "MSN Messenger [6]..... is freaking freaking freaking awesome" and Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research is dead wrong when writing about the acceptance of Ink in MSN Messenger: "Given that most Tablet PCs are targeted at corporate users, initially, this feature [inking] will have limited appeal in Microsoft?s consumer instant messenger." Wow is Joe wrong. And I mean way wrong. I've been receiving Ink instant messages starting at 11 AM sharp. Everyone loves it. Yeah, reality is still relevant and I already have my wish list, such as I'd like to be able to copy-paste from Journal and I want a strikeout gesture and emoticons in ink mode. But we Tablet PCers are going to love MSN Messenger. No doubt about it. Here's just one prediction: You're going to see people walking about tradeshows and inking instant messages back to their cohorts "You've got to see such-and-such." Friend, former boss, Toshiba Tablet PC user, and CEO of ArcanaNetworks, inked over his wife's sentiments about all the excitement he had for Messenger 6 this morning: "I don't get it. First you were all excited about replacing paper and pen with computers. And now you're all excited about adding paper and ink to your computer." Yep, she got it right. We're taking the best of both worlds and making them even better by integrating them where it makes sense...."
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