Monday, June 02, 2003

Mining For 'Yukon' Nuggets

Mining For 'Yukon' Nuggets "The file-system technology that is slated for Longhorn (the Windows client due out in 2005) is based on some technology that is implemented for Yukon, but it is explicitly not the Yukon database engine. Also, the Yukon release is not a dependency for Longhorn. In general, the significance of this technology is that the search and storage efficiencies that can be gained through using a relational data-storage engine, along with programming model for data access can be applied to file system operations.
People didn't understand what it meant to have the "Yukon storage technologies in Longhorn," and I think that Microsoft doesn't want to set a false expectation about what these features will look like. The benefit of using the Yukon technologies to enhance the Windows file system is that you can use these powerful tools to better manage your files; search for information; and share this information with other applications in a much more structured manner, with a dramatic performance improvement over traditional file-system technologies."
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