Thursday, June 05, 2003

Microsoft Leader Tells Workers of I.B.M.-Linux Threat

Microsoft Leader Tells Workers of I.B.M.-Linux Threat
"Our view on this differentiates us from I.B.M.," Mr. Ballmer wrote. "They believe I.T. is fundamentally complex and confusing and that customers should pay consultants for loads of services to help master that complexity."
I.B.M. was the only corporate competitor Mr. Ballmer mentioned by name in his message. And in the Microsoft view, I.B.M. is the guiding hand behind Linux.
"I.B.M.'s endorsement of Linux has added credibility and an illusion of support and accountability, although the reality is that there is no center of gravity, or central body, investing in the health and growth of noncommercial software or innovating in critical areas like engineering, manageability, compatibility and security," Mr. Ballmer wrote."
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