Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We’re All in the Data Business | Re/code

Final paragraphs from a timely data asset reality check

"Enterprises of all kinds will only grow more data-rich, meaning there are more riches to be found. If data is a kind of rich repository (like diamonds), then it requires both crude and refined tools. Hadoop is like dynamite, just the first tool in mining diamonds. Yes, it can aggregate data into a whole, but none of those data leaders (like Amazon or GE) installs Hadoop and declares its job done. They are developing testable, reusable data processing applications that turn data into products they can use.
It will take creativity and business acumen to look at the data we have and begin to imagine its uses, either for us or for others. What I can tell you is that you are sitting on that mine. Exactly how that data is valuable to you is the question that I invite you to consider. Since we’re all in the business of data, I guarantee that the answers to that question will be worth the time you take to ponder it."
We’re All in the Data Business | Re/code

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