Monday, February 24, 2014

Nokia Unveils Its First Android Phone - MarketWatch


"Mr. Toikkanen largely avoided calling the Nokia X device an Android device, instead introducing the phone as a device that is "able to run Android applications." Still, its operating system, which Nokia calls the "X Software Platform," is based on the Android open source code, although Nokia has modified the user interface to resemble that found on Microsoft's Windows Phone.
Also, Nokia has opted out of Google's Android Compatibility Program, an initiative that gives Android phone makers access to Google's software services like the Play application store, Google Maps and the Drive cloud storage service. Instead, the Nokia X comes preinstalled with software developed by Nokia and Microsoft, including Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage, integration with Microsoft's Bing search engine, Skype, and Nokia's own HERE maps application."
Nokia Unveils Its First Android Phone - MarketWatch

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