Thursday, May 06, 2004 - Game Makers Raise Questions On Sony's 'PSP' - Game Makers Raise Questions On Sony's 'PSP' " Sony Corp., the maker of the PlayStation game machine, next week plans to unveil a long-awaited hand-held device that will play videogames as well as movies and digital music -- a gadget the company has dubbed the Walkman of the 21st century.
Makers of videogames hope the PSP, whose name is derived from "PlayStation Portable," will attract more users to a market long cornered by Nintendo Co.'s Game Boy, another portable device. Consumer-electronics companies, meanwhile, wonder how the PSP will stack up against Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, as well as a host of portable media players starting to appear on store shelves.
"Will it be a game machine or a video Walkman?" asks Michihiro Sasaki, general manager of corporate strategy at Japanese videogame maker Square Enix Co. "We're still not sure what Sony wants to do with it -- that's a problem."

Noticed a WinHEC slide elsewhere this morning that had "Portable Windows Media Center" instead of the earlier "Portable Media Center"; I think that clarifies Microsoft's intent.

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