Friday, May 07, 2004

Jon Udell: Adobe Designer 6.0 preview

Jon Udell: Adobe Designer 6.0 preview "A more descriptive name for Adobe Designer 6.0 might be "InfoPath for PDF." The concept is brilliant: exploit Microsoft's failure to make InfoPath ubiquitous by putting interactivity and XML smarts into Adobe's free PDF viewer, and by offering a forms builder that targets both Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Announced last summer, in beta now, and scheduled for release this summer, Adobe Designer is that forms builder.
Despite evident weaknesses, the Designer/Reader duo offers two key strengths: digital-paper fidelity, and a ubiquitous runtime. Using the free Reader, I was able to fill out a Designer-built form, print a high-fidelity copy for my records, and post its XML data to a Web server. No matter how the future of e-forms unfolds, that's going to be a popular scenario."

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