Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Blogger Knowledge: Hello, Photoblogging

Blogger Knowledge: Hello, Photoblogging "The fine folks at Picasa have worked with us to create the quickest, easiest way for Windows users to send photos to a blog—via IM. That's right, Instant Messaging has gone to the blogs. The IM client they built is called Hello. It's a peer-to-peer networking application that enables users to share photos and text-chat about them live. It's a snazzy little app but it's even more impressive when it's engineered to work seamlessly with Blogger.
BloggerBot waits patiently in the Hello client along with the names of your buddies. When you have a photo you want to post, just drag it to BloggerBot, add an optional caption, and it is inst-o-matically published to your blog. Now you're sharing your photos within seconds to the entire wired world. And get this: we host your photos for free. How do you like them apples, Mr. Land?"

Guess I need a new camera now. I continue to be very impressed with Nat Friedman's blog -- great blend of images and text -- and plan to eventually start posting more multimedia stuff...


Anonymous said...

does it work the for the new (Beta) version too?

pbokelly said...

Afraid I don't know the answer -- sorry