Wednesday, May 12, 2004

nat friedman" "... we open sourced our Exchange connector."

nat friedman" "... we open sourced our Exchange connector." "The past couple of months were pretty busy, scrubbing code and going through legal and security approvals, but this morning we open sourced our Exchange connector. We also announced that the upcoming version of Evolution will support both Exchange and Novell GroupWise servers out of the box. You can get source code for both backends in GNOME CVS today.
This is an important step. Desktops need a standard set of core APIs for personal addressbook information, to allow things like unified presence information, identity-based data association, and to build a richly integrated environment for collaboration. Our intent is to establish Evolution as the standard client for addressbook, mail and calendaring to make these things possible. And now that Evolution is 100% open source, it is not only a true competitor for Outlook, it also has a real shot at being the hub of your personal information/collaboration environment."

Novell press release

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