Wednesday, May 19, 2004

AT&T Back in Wireless Business (

AT&T Back in Wireless Business ( "It wants to reenter the cellular business in order to offer its 30 million business and residential customers bundles of telephone and Internet services. With cable companies coming out with local telephone service this year, and with regional Bell companies like Verizon Communications Inc. and SBC Communications Inc. offering package deals with their affiliated wireless companies, AT&T must have wireless service to be competitive, said Blair Levin, an analyst with Legg Mason Wood Walker.
Customers who subscribe to bundles are less likely to cancel service than those who subscribe to any single telecommunications service, and a bigger bundle means bigger money for the telecommunications providers. "It's the battle of the bundles, and you can't compete without a bundle of service," Levin said."

Oh, sort of like when I was getting local phone, Internet, cable TV, and wireless from AT&T, before they sold the cable business to Comcast and the wireless business to Cingular... Something in this equation doesn't solve for me.

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