Thursday, May 13, 2004

Microsoft Outlines Windows Server Roadmap

Microsoft Outlines Windows Server Roadmap "This week, Microsoft revealed its plans to update Windows Server over the next several years, and the company unveiled a roadmap that will see major Windows Server releases every four years, interspersed with minor releases every two years. The plan, revealed during a meeting with Microsoft senior vice president Bob Muglia this week, extends from this year through at least 2008.
"We're going to continue a theme over the next few years of trying to innovate along three major initiatives--Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Trustworthy Computing, and .NET--all to drive a set of benefits for users that are pretty consistent," Muglia told me during the meeting. Muglia noted that Microsoft hoped this revelation would make the company's plans more predictable to corporate customers, who often need to plan years in advance. "We've moved away from a monolithic release cycle," he said."

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