Tuesday, May 25, 2004

WSJ.com - CA to Release Open-Source Software

WSJ.com - CA to Release Open-Source Software " Computer Associates International Inc. will release its Ingres database software under an open-source license, the company said at its user conference here today.
Ingres began its life as a public-domain database project at the University of California at Berkeley, but was later commercialized and developed as a proprietary product. CA acquired it in the 1990s."

Quoting Jim Gray, from a mid-1990s interview: “Students trained on Ingres went on to start or staff all the major database companies (AT&T, Britton Lee, HP, Informix, IBM, Oracle, Tandem, [and] Sybase).” It's nice that Ingres is getting a bit more press, but since PostgreSQL, Mike Stonebraker's post-Ingres project at UC Berkeley, is already a leading open source DBMS, this move by CA is unlikely to do anything but please existing Ingres customers.

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