Tuesday, May 18, 2004

WSJ.com - AT&T May Offer Cellphone Service With Sprint Deal

WSJ.com - AT&T May Offer Cellphone Service With Sprint Deal: " AT&T Corp. this week is expected to announce a deal to offer cellphone service using Sprint Corp.'s wireless network, people familiar with the situation said.
The company also is in talks with other cellphone companies to sign additional resale deals, seeking to offer wireless service through whichever carrier has the strongest network in a particular market across the nation.
AT&T, the nation's largest long-distance company in terms of subscribers and revenue, initially will target its existing customer base of roughly 35 million subscribers and about three million business customers. The company also wants to offer consumers new wireless handsets that can serve as home phones that run over a high-speed Internet connection, so that AT&T no longer has to lease phone lines from local phone companies in order to offer local phone service."

So it appears AT&T, after shedding an astonishing amount of shareholder value and market share, has finally internalized the implications of The Dawn of the Stupid Network. Too bad they didn't listen to David Isenberg when he wrote the essay in 1997.

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