Monday, May 09, 2016

Facebook Tests New 'Discover' Feature For Groups | News & Opinion |

Handy for Facebook at Work as well

"In an effort to encourage more people to go out and find groups to participate in, Facebook is testing a new "Discover" feature for a random subset of its users. If you're one of the lucky ones selected to participate, you'll see the new option within Facebook's Groups section. (Tap on the More tab, then tap on "Groups," to see if you have it.)

In the Discover tab, you'll be able to pick from 25 different categories with different themes: Professional Networking; Animals & Pets; Buy, Sell, Trade; and Funny (to name a few). Tap on any of them, and Facebook will give you some suggestions of themed groups you might want to look into joining. These could be groups that other friends of yours have joined, local groups, group with a ton of members, or whatever other combination of characteristics Facebook uses to highlight some of these top groups."
Facebook Tests New 'Discover' Feature For Groups | News & Opinion |

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