Friday, September 02, 2011

Mouse Makeover: Microsoft Touch Mouse Brings Multi-Touch to Windows [Microsoft News Center]

On another patent-related topic, I’m guessing Microsoft has intellectual property protection that will make it impossible for Apple to sue based on its Magic Mouse

After decades of dependable point-and-click service, the humble mouse is getting a makeover. The result is introducing Windows 7 users to a new way of interacting with their PC.


The new Microsoft Touch Mouse combines the virtues of the old familiar mouse – which has been continually optimized since the 1960s – with multi-touch gestures. Now available online and in retail stores in late September, the new mouse offers the millions of people who use Windows 7 a natural way to navigate the operating system, said Scott Rockfeld, director of product management for Microsoft Hardware.

Mouse Makeover: Microsoft Touch Mouse Brings Multi-Touch to Windows: The Microsoft Touch Mouse brings touch-based navigation to Windows 7 users. The new product came out of a Microsoft Research effort to reimagine the humble mouse.

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