Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon Looking to Buy Palm [REPORT]

This is the first post-HP Palm permutation I’ve seen that makes sense to me (via Lance Ulanoff); Kindle Fire customers won’t be OS-aware anyway, and owning WebOS could make it possible for Amazon to avoid paying Microsoft for every Kindle sold, and would also provide a handy patent portfolio

Amazon wants to buy Palm and its smartphone/tablet platform WebOS, VentureBeat reports citing a well-placed source.

There are other interested parties, but Amazon is nearest to completing the deal, the same source claims.

After HP gave up on the tablet business, rumors started swirling about possible buyers for Palm and WebOS – a platform which showed a lot of promise even in its early days, but was never given a chance to shine as Palm changed hands.

Amazon Looking to Buy Palm [REPORT]

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