Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rethinking my blogging strategy, considering recent Facebook and Google+ refinements

(This started as a Facebook post; if you saw it there, you can ignore it here…)

With all of the substantive improvements to both Facebook and Google+ this week, I'm starting to seriously wonder if it's time to shift away from my current blog and to share more in Facebook and/or Google+ instead. Best-case scenario for me at this point would be if a tool such as Windows Live Writer (which already offers the ability to select from a variety of publication channel types at post time) added the option of posting to Facebook or Google+, but I’m not expecting to see those options “real soon now,” at least not in Windows Live Writer.

Overall, I believe we’re about to see a very competitive environment, in the “share box” context (a term IBM uses in Connections and Google uses in Google+), as Google+ and Facebook expand their competitive scope, Windows 8’s system-wide sharing support is explored by Windows 8 pre-beta testers, etc.  Indeed, given the central focus on sharing in Windows 8, I suspect Windows Live Writer may already be in “legacy” mode.

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