Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Getting a Handle on Big Data with Hadoop - BusinessWeek

Another topic likely to be a major theme at Oracle OpenWorld next month; counter-FUD measures are clearly called for

The increasing popularity of Hadoop software also mirrors the growth in corporate spending on handling data. Since 2005, the annual investment by corporations to create, manage, store, and generate revenue from digital information has increased 50 percent to $4 trillion, according to the IDC report.

About 80 percent of corporations’ data is the unstructured type, which includes office productivity documents, e-mail, Web content, in addition to social media. By contrast, Oracle sells companies its Exadata system to manage huge quantities of structured information such as financial data.

“Hadoop plays in a much larger market than Exadata and is a materially cheaper way to process vast data sets,” says Peter Goldmacher, an analyst at Cowen & Co. in San Francisco.

Getting a Handle on Big Data with Hadoop - BusinessWeek

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