Wednesday, April 06, 2011

With a New CEO, MarkLogic Eyes Big Data IPO: Cloud Computing News « [GigaOM]

A new chapter for MarkLogic

[New CEO Ken] Bado says the goal going forward is to add about 150 employees and keep revenue growth around its 45-percent-per-year level before ultimately filing for an IPO when it reaches a certain, but undisclosed, revenue mark. Before that happens, Bado said, MarkLogic will have to “move from the children’s table to the adult table,” a process that will require expanding its geographic presence and attracting more developers to drive bottom-up adoption of MarkLogic Server in even more businesses. He said he’s surprised MarkLogic is still relatively unknown despite its stellar reputation and customer base, and that it beats out Oracle in some situations.

To meet its growth goals, Bado said the company will step up its aggressiveness in touting MarkLogic Server for “big data” applications, a term that has caught fire lately, and that pretty accurately describes what MarkLogic does. Avnur says it will do more than just talk about big data, though, and actually is working to further improve its story by creating a Hadoop connector that lets customers run MapReduce jobs on unstructured data stored in MarkLogic Server.

With a New CEO, MarkLogic Eyes Big Data IPO: Cloud Computing News «

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