Friday, April 01, 2011

The iPad 2 Has Been a Boon to eBay -

A snapshot of the iPad secondary market

The Apple iPad 2, which is still very difficult to acquire at Apple retail stores, is creating a robust and healthy resale market online.

EBay, the online marketplace, released numbers and an infographic on Thursday showing just how popular the iPad 2 had become on its Web site.


The most sought-after models of the iPad 2 are on the low and high end. The basic 16-gigabyte Wi-fi-only version and the 64-gigabyte with 3G data connection account for a majority of iPad 2 sales on eBay. They also net a healthy profit for sellers. EBay said the the low-end iPad 2 was selling for $198 over the $500 retail price and the $830 high-end model was selling for an astounding $406 more.

The least desired iPad 2 is the 16-gigabyte 3G model, making up only 7 percent of iPad 2 sales.

The eBay summary graphic:


The iPad 2 Has Been a Boon to eBay -

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