Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Music Player [SuperSite for Windows]

Excerpt from a Paul Thurrott perspective

[…] That it beat both Apple and Google to this point--both are racing to complete their own similar offerings--is, perhaps, the most incredible bit of all.

Well, not quite. The most incredible bit of all is that when you combine all of the previously mentioned Amazon offerings and view them as an increasingly cohesive whole, you can suddenly see why Amazon is one of the top-tier players in the cloud today. This is a company that has the means and desire to compete in many markets which it can then link in very interesting ways, creating what is in effect a new ecosystem of its own, one that treads very neatly between a number of competing platforms. Amazon is, in effect, out-doing the major platform makers of our day--again, Apple, Google, and Microsoft--while generally not excluding the users that have bet on those platforms. This is an amazing accomplishment, one which few people seem to even realize is happening all around them.

With that bit of perspective out of the way, let's see what they've done with Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, see where the Amazon offerings excel, and, of course, where they fall short.

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Music Player

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