Thursday, February 10, 2011

A.I. expert Ray Kurzweil picks computer in 'Jeopardy' match -

Perhaps, post-singularity, we will all be better at Jeopardy

Q: How significant is this match in the quest for artificial intelligence?

A: It'll be seen as a major threshold. The key to human intelligence is really mastering the subtleties of human language, things like puns and jokes and metaphors. And if you look at the queries in Jeopardy you see they're quite complex and subtle, and exactly what's being talked about is not so clear. Watson appears to be able to get it very well, as well as the best players.

Q: And the winner will be?

A: I think Watson has the inside track. But if it doesn't win, it will come close, and it will come back and win in the very near future. Because it's only going to get better. And humans are not getting better.

A.I. expert Ray Kurzweil picks computer in 'Jeopardy' match -

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