Wednesday, August 04, 2010

BBC News - iPhone at risk from security flaw

More adventures at the intersection of Apple and Adobe

In an ironic twist, the only way of preventing Mobile Safari from automatically opening PDF files is by jailbreaking a phone and installing an application, called PDF Loading Warner, that then asks for permission every time the browser tries to open a PDF file.

US authorities declared it was legal for users to jailbreak their phones.

"I personally wouldn't want to jailbreak my phone to get the fix," said Mr Cluley.

He suggested that concerned users may want to switch to an alternative web browser, such as Opera, although he stressed that they had not yet checked these systems for exploits.

"Right now, its all eyes on Apple who we hope are going to fix this problem as soon as possible.

"Historically, Apple have been slow to fix problems on their Mobile browser.

BBC News - iPhone at risk from security flaw

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