Thursday, March 04, 2010

The opt-in renaissance

I had a wide-ranging and fun lunch discussion with a colleague today. We covered topics including the paradox of abundance (e.g., in domains such as information feeds, educational resources, and entertainment), emerging social software tools and services, and inexpensive/widely-used devices that would have seemed like science fiction only a few years ago.

A (mostly) hopeful theme/meme came to mind: we are entering a phase that will represent, for many people, an opt-in renaissance – with opportunities to engage in an unprecedented variety of educational, collaborative, entertainment, and other domains, with many of them available at no or low cost.

The opt-in part is meant to emphasize that the positive goal state is not going to be the default, nor will it always be easy; it will be a personal choice that will generally entail commitment and focus.

More on all this later; for now, having noticed there are no hits (on Bing or Google) for the phrase, I mostly wanted to get it out there and hopefully set the context for some productive discussions.

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