Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gray Matter : Open XML SDK 2.0 Released

A major milestone for Open XML; see the full post for more details

On February 21, 2008, I posted on Microsoft Interoperability Principles, which are designed to make our products more open and more available to the broader software community. Since that day, Microsoft has made several strides in this area, too many to recount here and now, but largely explained by the Interoperability@Microsoft team.

Today we are making an important advance in the area of document format interoperability for Office, as part of our ongoing commitment to these interoperability principles.

After four successful Technology Previews, today we are releasing the 2.0 version of the Open XML SDK for Microsoft Office. Among its benefits, this release of the Open XML SDK is a significant step forward because of the amount and quality of functionality it provides to developers seeking to build document processing solutions without the use of Microsoft Office applications.

Gray Matter : Open XML SDK 2.0 Released

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