Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages From Steve Jobs Are Making Recipients Swoon -

Read the full article for details … and imagine what the reaction would have been if Steve Jobs had actually responded positively to the email queries referenced in the article…

While Mr. Jobs was known to occasionally answer e-mail messages sent to his widely published address before he went on medical leave last year, he now appears to have not only resumed the practice, but picked up the pace. Apple blogs are counting approximately a dozen such messages in the last few weeks — and those are only the ones that were publicly shared.

Mr. Jobs did not respond to an inquiry about his e-mail habits that was sent to him directly, and Apple would not comment. But every indication is that the messages are being sent by Mr. Jobs himself, and they are resonating throughout the universe of Apple fans to an almost absurd degree.

Messages From Steve Jobs Are Making Recipients Swoon -

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