Monday, March 29, 2010 / Technology - Rush to develop applications market


Media groups have faced the dual challenge of developing new apps for the iPad and ensuring their existing websites work well with the device. A majority use Adobe’s Flash technology to show video, but the iPad does not support Flash and will produce error messages and blank sections of pages where Flash video is supposed to appear.

Brightcove, a cloud-based video platform for publishers, is announcing a technology fix to render video in HTML 5, a standard the iPad does support, rather than Flash, for its 1,400 customers, including Time and the New York Times.

“We’re talking to hundreds of major publishers and there’s definitely a scramble,” says David Mendels, Brightcove president. “People are asking: how is my website going to work when the iPad ships?”

“There’s a lot of excitement about the iPad, but a lot of stress surrounding it as well.” / Technology - Rush to develop applications market

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