Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you a piler, filer, or purger? - Inside Windows Live - The Windows Blog

More real-world market analysis from the Windows Live team. On a personal level, I’m currently moving from “filer” to “purger” – more precisely, I try to move useful information items in email messages to other tools, such as OneNote, that are more productive for ongoing information item management. I get seriously stressed when I lapse into “piler” mode due to email activity bursts, extended periods of time off-line, etc.; my goal is to have my various unread email counts at zero by the end of each day, but that takes a major time and attention commitment. I anticipate the near-term availability of OneNote 2010, with its richer information item management capabilities, shared notebook support on Windows Live SkyDrive (and SharePoint), and effectively anywhere (network-connected) access via OneNote Web App, will be a big help in my personal information management routine.

When we looked into how people used email, we found some interesting patterns. It turns out that there are generally three types of people when it comes to email: pilers, filers, and purgers.

Which are you?

  • Piler: “I generally don’t put email into a folder or archive. I don’t delete it. I just let it pile up in my inbox."
  • Filer: “I generally categorize messages by moving them into folders I’ve created or assigning labels to each message.”
  • Purger: “I generally delete email after I’ve read it.”


Table comparing how pilers, filers, and purgers handle email.

Are you a piler, filer, or purger? - Inside Windows Live - The Windows Blog

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