Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Apple v. HTC: Don’t Expect Fireworks « Steve Wildstrom on Tech

The most insightful Apple/HTC analysis I’ve seen so far; read the full post

Probably the most important factor in determining how this case will play out is whether HTC holds patents that it can claim Apple has infringed. It could then file counter-complaints (and yes, the ITC could prohibit the importation of Chinese-made iPhones even though Apple is a U.S. company). That would open the door to a cross-licensing agreement, probably the most common ending to a patent dispute where both parties actually produce product and own intellectual property. But even that is unlikely to occur before there have been some hearings before a judge or the ITC that allow the parties to assess the relative strength of their cases.

In the end, it is unlikely that anyone is going to prevent anyone else from importing phones or even forcing significant changes in products. One way or another, the case will eventually be settled. The real significance of the litigation is that what is increasingly turning into a smartphone war of Apple versus everyone else is getting much, much nastier.

Apple v. HTC: Don’t Expect Fireworks « Steve Wildstrom on Tech

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