Friday, February 05, 2010

A Personal Assistant on Your iPhone - Bits Blog -

Check the full article for details on an audacious-positioning-of-the-week award candidate (e.g., “This is the first version of a computer assistance that understands language, has the ability to delegate tasks and learn”)

[…] Using GPS and speech-recognition technology powered by Nuance, the application translates the spoken command and uses a set of algorithms to search for the answer.

Mr. Kittlaus describes the application as the “mother of mash-ups” because the company has partnered with several companies, including OpenTable, MovieTickets, StubHub, CitySearch and TaxiMagic, to generate results.

Siri is a “do engine rather than a search engine,” said Mr. Kittlaus.

A Personal Assistant on Your iPhone - Bits Blog -

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