Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oracle Plans to Take on Microsoft Office -- Redmond Developer News

On the headlines-first, optional-facts-later theme, why do so many people in the press/analyst community rebroadcast vendor announcements without any scrutiny or supporting facts? Examples over the last couple weeks include Oracle Cloud Office and IBM Concord (“IBM Lotus Symphony for the Cloud,” which is not yet at an alpha/test release level).

A tangential note, for the author of the article below: Oracle Collaboration Suite died over a year ago; the latest suite of Oracle collaboration offerings, including Oracle Beehive, isn’t dead yet.

With its acquisition of Sun Microsystems complete, Oracle intends to go after Microsoft's lucrative Office franchise, the company revealed yesterday. While Oracle had been quiet about its intentions for supporting Sun OpenOffice, the company disclosed plans for a forthcoming upgrade called Oracle Cloud Office during a five-hour briefing at its Redwood Shores, Calif. headquarters.

Cloud Office will support the Open Document Format (ODF) and will offer Web-based creation of documents, spreadsheets and presentations and will link to the Oracle Collaboration Suite. The company did not say when it will release Cloud Office.

Oracle Plans to Take on Microsoft Office -- Redmond Developer News

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