Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - Oracle Loss May Aid Its Antitrust Case - Oracle Loss May Aid Its Antitrust Case "Antitrust enforcers in the Justice Department say Oracle shouldn't be allowed to acquire PeopleSoft because the takeover would leave the world's biggest corporate buyers with only two suppliers of critical software, who then would be free to slow innovation and raise prices.
Oracle counters that the software business is sufficiently fluid that a merger with PeopleSoft wouldn't diminish competition for programs that help companies manage their finances and human resources.
Exhibit 1 in Oracle's case may be the Justice Department's selection of American Management Systems Inc. for as much as $24 million of financial-management software. The Fairfax, Va., company beat Oracle and PeopleSoft for the deal -- even though the Justice Department's antitrust lawyers don't count AMS among Oracle's significant competitors."
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