Monday, April 26, 2004

OneNote PowerToys

OneNote PowerToys "It is an easy matter to build an add-in for an application that takes content from that application and stores it in OneNote. This was our most common request, since OneNote is a sort of personal storage used for research. So, some ideas that I'd like to see people build (some of these I know people are working on, such as Omar)
1. An add-in for IE or other browser that lets you copy the selected content on a page, or the entire page into OneNote, in a section you choose. This is great for research, and saves the steps f having to drag/drop or copy paste stuff into OneNote.
2. An add-in for Outlook to copy multiple emails, contacts, etc to OneNote, to keep these together with notes in OneNote, usually about a project
3. An RSS PowerToy that allows you to browse selected feeds, and dump them into OneNote for future reference
4. An add-in to PowerPoint, Word, or other apps that lets you just "print" the document to OneNote, perhaps picking where you want the document to go."

I think Chris Pratley's weblog is an outstanding example of the power of blogs for product design.
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