Monday, April 26, 2004 - Comcast to Test Digeo Set-Top Box - Comcast to Test Digeo Set-Top Box "Comcast, the nation's largest cable service in terms of subscribers, will announce today a commercial trial using about 40,000 of the devices, which are manufactured by Motorola Inc. using a Digeo design called Moxi. Charter Communications Inc., a cable company controlled by Mr. Allen, also is announcing plans to launch a Moxi-based service in Rochester, Minn., after a trial there.
The devices make use of Digeo's software for navigating through TV channels and managing other entertainment options, including digital video recording, games, stored photos and music. The Moxi design, named after a Silicon Valley company Digeo bought in 2002, is styled as a "media center" along the lines of a flood of new gadgets being designed by computer and consumer-electronics companies. The device uses the Linux operating system and the Intel Corp. chip design used in personal computers."
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