Saturday, April 10, 2004

Microsoft reins in Longhorn for 2006 launch | CNET

Microsoft reins in Longhorn for 2006 launch | CNET "Microsoft said on Friday that it is aiming to release Longhorn in the first half of 2006--a move that will require the company to scale back some of its more ambitious plans for the next version of Windows.
The company said Longhorn will still include three major advances: a new file system known as WinFS, a new graphics engine dubbed Avalon and a Web Services architecture known as Indigo.
'There may be specific features within those subsystems that will be scaled back,' lead product manager Greg Sullivan said. Sullivan would not identify which features have been trimmed but said such efforts are typical of all new releases of the Windows operating system.
'It's a matter of scaling back by degrees,' Sullivan said. 'In some cases, the scenarios won't be as all-encompassing.'"
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