Wednesday, April 28, 2004 - Sony PlayStation Sales View Falls Short Of Expectations - Sony PlayStation Sales View Falls Short Of Expectations "Sony Corp. (SNE) on Tuesday projected a 30% drop in sales for its flagship PlayStation 2 video game console in the current fiscal year, raising concerns that industry growth might fall short of expectations this year.
In its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report Tuesday, Sony said it expects PlayStation 2 sales to slip to 14 million units in the fiscal year ending March 2005, from 20.1 million units in the just-completed fiscal year.
Most recently, Microsoft cut the price of Xbox in North America to $149 from $179, a move which is likely to boost monthly Xbox sales in April higher than those for PlayStation 2 for the first time, according to P.J. McNealy, analyst at American Technology Research in San Francisco.
"Sales of Microsoft's Xbox video game console are soaring in April," said McNealy. "Sony, led by sales of PlayStation 2, has been the leading platform on a monthly basis in number of units sold for the past 45 months, and that streak will likely come to a halt this month."
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