Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Microsoft Monitor: seewhogotfired.com

Microsoft Monitor: seewhogotfired.com: "Today, Corel released WordPerfect Office 12, one of several productivity suites competing with Microsoft Office.
Apparently, marketing a productivity suite is tough. Microsoft attempted to promote Office 2003 through the silly 'Great Moments at Work' TV ads (here). Basically people cheered for some great accomplishment that no one I know could figure out, which makes the ads no great accomplishment.
Not to be outdone, Corel has put together its own promotionals, something the company apparently plans to serialize over at seewhogotfired.com. I'm assuming the meaning is that no one got fired for buying, or using, Microsoft products. Well, they do here. Like the Office 2003 ads, the seewhogotfired.com videos say very little about the promoted product."

Gee, I didn't know Corel still has a marketing budget...
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