Thursday, April 29, 2004

InfoWorld: IBM to virtualize servers, storage

InfoWorld: IBM to virtualize servers, storage "The Virtualization Engine components that will be new to iSeries will include an embedded version of Tivoli's Provisioning Manager software, as well as a WebSphere-based grid computing toolkit that will allow customers to run distributed applications using the OGSA (Open Grid Services Architecture) standards.
The partitioning component of Virtualization Engine is similar to VMware's GSX Server and ESX Server software and Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Virtual Partitions (vPars), wrote Jonathan Eunice, an analyst with industry research firm Illuminata Inc. in an e-mail interview. "VMware does not allow individual applications to use more than two CPUs worth of performance," he wrote, "Power partitions scale far higher than VMware can do."
IBM, like its other system vendor competitors HP and Sun Microsystems Inc., has done "pretty good" work with its virtualization technology so far, Eunice wrote. "The battle, however, is not just to do pretty good, but to do exceptional virtualization, to make it systematic, and to push its use throughout all the data center and IT processes," he added. "No vendor and no user is... there yet," he wrote."
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