Thursday, April 29, 2004

IBM Press room - IBM Previews Virtualization Engine

IBM Press room - IBM Previews Virtualization Engine "Virtualization Engine is aimed at our customers' desire to focus less on individual operating systems and more on a complete operating environment with higher order impact and value," said Bill Zeitler, group executive and senior vice president, IBM Systems and Technology Group.
In addition to leveraging mainframe technologies, IBM's Virtualization Engine, for the first time, deploys basic provisioning and management tools from Tivoli, as well as open Grid capabilities in the WebSphere runtime environment across a range of IBM systems.
"IBM has unique expertise in software and systems that allows us to combine capabilities to make our customers' environments more flexible, automated and robust," said Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Software Group.
Virtualization Engine includes advanced "micro-partitioning" technology leveraged from the IBM mainframe and extended to other IBM systems. For the first time on UNIX and other server systems, customers will be able to run as many as ten servers per microprocessor, with the potential of turning a four-processor system, for example, into a "40-way" system running one or multiple operating system types or versions at the same time."

Hey, I wonder if they dusted off the VM codebase... Somehow I suspect we won't be reading about this stuff being open-sourced.
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