Thursday, April 01, 2004 - Google to Offer Free E-Mail - Google to Offer Free E-Mail: "Google's new e-mail service, which is still in its test phase, is its most aggressive effort yet to displace Yahoo and MSN as all-purpose portals for Web users. The e-mail service offers a full gigabyte -- 1,000 megabytes -- of storage, which the company said is enough to store 500,000 pages of e-mail. The service is currently available only to test users; the company did not say when its so-called Gmail service may be available more broadly.
It's also unclear whether Google will be able to offer such massive storage capacity if the service becomes popular. Microsoft's Hotmail service provides two megabytes of storage for free while Yahoo's service offers four megabytes of storage for free. Google plans to sell advertising on the e-mail site."
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