Friday, April 19, 2019

The fundamental laws of Facebook | Without Bullshit

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"To that end: here are the fundamental laws of Facebook, which will explain not just this violation but all future violations:
  1. Facebook’s algorithm is supreme. All policies and engineering efforts serve the algorithm.
  2. The algorithm thrives on engagement. It will always evolve in directions that increase engagement. This imperative is stronger than all other forces including morality, humanity, shame, and logic.
  3. The algorithm generates revenue through targeted advertising, but this is an effect, not a cause. It is the algorithm, not the advertising, that rules all.
  4. Facebook management’s job is to more effectively serve the algorithm. All “decision-making” is actually in further service to the algorithm.
  5. The algorithm wants data. All of Facebook’s workers must increase the data available to the algorithm."
The fundamental laws of Facebook | Without Bullshit

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