Friday, April 19, 2019

Apple vs. Facebook Enters a New Era | OneZero

Excerpt from a timely comparison:
"Still, Apple does have a relationship with many of the companies accused of the greatest privacy abuses. Facebook’s products live in the App Store and run on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks. The same goes for Google’s apps and, yes, Safari’s default search engine: Google.

On the other hand, Apple’s disinterest in your data has led to it developing its growing list of services and apps differently. While Google sends every query to its cloud, Apple manages its intelligence locally. While Google may be the default search engine in Safari, the web browser still has some protections that Google Chrome, for example, doesn’t.

Safari blocks third-party cookies and cross-site tracking by default. Since tracking codes and behaviors change regularly, Safari uses local machine learning to identify and cordon off trackers, renaming them so other sites can’t identify the trackers, essentially neutering their cross-site tracking capabilities. (Deleting all cookies on a single-site experience could result in a vastly diminished experience. For example, a banking site might lose your identity from page to page without a cookie.)"
Apple vs. Facebook Enters a New Era | OneZero

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