Friday, April 26, 2019

Eric Schmidt Has Lessons to Pass Along | WSJ

From a quasi-review of Trillion Dollar Coach; also see Google execs reveal secrets to success they got from Silicon Valley’s ‘trillion dollar’ business coach | CNBC
"Yet even with his standing in the industry assured and an estimated $14 billion net worth, according to Forbes, Mr. Schmidt is hardly unshackled. He won’t touch on Google (“I better not talk about current events”), the latest generation of technology leaders (“I’d rather not criticize them as a group”) or what it’s like to have his personal life splashed across the tabloids (“Let me not go there”). When asked about Apple founder Steve Jobs, with whom Mr. Schmidt had a public falling-out over Google’s development of rival mobile software, Mr. Schmidt diplomatically observes, “When Steve was upset, he was loud.” He hastens to add: “Steve was a good friend, and I miss him terribly.”
Mr. Schmidt’s arrival on the self-help circuit comes amid a tide of leadership missives from wealthy entrepreneurs. The hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio has spent more than a year evangelizing his book of “Principles,” which tells employees to argue with one another and rank each others’ performance in real time. Mr. Schmidt, who says he knows Mr. Dalio well, calls that approach “sort of the extreme.” He prefers to deliver hard feedback behind closed doors. He says that he steered clear of Wall Street early in his career because “it wasn’t forgiving…it wasn’t tolerant.”"
Eric Schmidt Has Lessons to Pass Along | WSJ (Apple News+ link)

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